Gibbs Connors Beginning in 1986, I started painting signs for small businesses and lettering trucks in Upstate New York. Now, the main focus of my business is the production and installation of signage and graphics for museums and exhibitions. I also specialize in site specific installations for artists as well as the traditional craft of signmaking: hand-lettering, carving, surface gilding, glass gilding, fabrication, and screen-printing on-site.

Latest Projects

Starbucks at LAX
Please see the "Commercial Projects" category in the Portfolio bar

Kermit's Bake Shop
Vintage Wallpaper inspired wall painting. Please see the "Hello Walls" category in the Portfolio bar.

Best of Philly Magazine Cover
In Collaboration with Philadelphia Magzine and Heads of State

Moriarty's Restaurant
it starts with a sketch. Please see the "Commercial Projects" category in the Portfolio Bar.